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  • Providing Solutions to Indoor Air Quality Problems

    Our technicians are trained to use cutting-edge testing equipment to test your heating and air conditioning system.

    One such test, an infiltrometer test, can identify air and energy leakage in your home that can lead to poor indoor air quality. After a thorough evalution, our team will work with you to provide the best solution possible to make your home safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.

    One environmentally safe and affordable solution that Air Assurance recommends to rid your system of pollutants and control the growth of microorganisms is BBJ Microbiocide. This is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that kills and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria for up to six months on the HVAC system indoor air handler coil and has not been found to cause any chemical sensitivities or reactions.

    Our technicians apply BBJ in the entire system - coil, drain pan, blower housing and wheel, and interior of the cabinet. In addition to controlling air pollutants, BBJ eliminates the “biofilm” on cooling coils that interferes with heat transfer and reduces system efficiency. It also has a rust and corrosion-inhibiting action that may extend the life of your system.

    Other things that we may consider include:

    • Humidification
    • Germicidal UV Lights
    • Fresh air ventilation/energy recovery ventilators
    • Air Purification system
    • Air Knight PHI Technology
    • IAQ Perfect 16 Purification

    You can read more about some of these products and more on our Products Page