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  • Heating Tips to Save You Money

    Taking a few maintenance steps before winter can save you substantial money during the heating season. 

    • Schedule an annual inspection of your heating system.
    • Have heating ducts inspected and cleaned, if needed. 
    • Clean and replace filters on manufacturer’s recommended schedule.
    • Lower your thermostat 4-5 degrees while sleeping or when house is unoccupied.
    • Check your chimney and make sure your chimney damper is closed when not used.
    • Inspect weather-stripping on doors and windows, including garage doors.
    • Clean your gutters and ridge vents to prevent standing (freezing) water. 
    • Plug gaps around pipes, ducts, fans, and vents that go from unheated into heated spaces. 
    • Check for leaks in an unfinished basement or crawl space and add insulation to basement walls. Close foundation vents in crawl space. 
    • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.